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Current time Christmas Island (CX)

Christmas Island

Tue, Jul 16th 2024

What is the time zone of Christmas Island (CX), Asia? The answer is Indian/Christmas.

The current time of Christmas Island (CX), Asia has a difference of 7 hours compared to the Greenwich Mean Time zone (GMT) at a longitude of 0 degree.

Geographic coordinates of Indian/Christmas

Latitude: -10.41667
Longitude: 105.71666

Sun relative's information

The following informations are estimates of the appearance and disappearance of the upper edge or upper limb of the Sun circle. They are based on the sunrise and sunset of the time zone's geographical coordinates. As the land is not always regular, it's practically impossible to get the exact time of the viewer's sun vision.


The sun will rise at 06:15:57

Solar noon

Sun will reach his highest point at 12:03:18



Sunshine's hours


*Sunrise and sunset times are calculated based on the geographic coordinates of the time zones of Christmas Island (CX), Asia in terms of latitude and longitude.